Neck Deep- Silver Lining (x)


A Day To Remember

I don’t care what you say, this is the greatest thing a go pro has ever filmed.

Tonight Alive- Lonely Girl 

Jeremy McKinnon of A Day to Remember by elmakias

House Party Tour
Pre-Production Day

"Higher, higher!"
Hard to believe it’s been a year since I made this. It was from an old black and white Band-Aid commercial that used this effect when the kids were injured while playing. I put the color bands on and posted it. 
The cool part of this wasn’t just the notes, but that Dain Fagerholm (one of my favorite tumblr artists) contacted me to point out that this is a visual example of multiplexing. 
I could stare at this forever.

A Part Of Me - Neck Deep

The Lions Mane Jellyfish is the largest jellyfish in the world. They have been swimming in arctic waters since before dinosaurs (over 650 million years ago) and are among some of the oldest surviving species in the world.
Absolutely wow.